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Adopting DR Across Clinical Settings
01 Brigham and Women’s Hospital: DR Meets Needs of Fast-Paced Ambulatory Center
Digital radiography enables this teaching hospital to efficiently accommodate an unpredictable workflow in the walk-in clinic.
02 Children’s National Medical Center: DR Makes Its Mark in Pediatric Imaging
The lure of lower dose and rapid exposures proved irresistable to one pediatric hospital.
03 Swiss Paraplegic Center: In Search of the Malleable Machine
Robotics and auto-stitching software enable the Swiss Paraplegic Center in Nottwil to effectively serve a difficult patient population with digital radiography.
04 Zwanger-Pesiri: The Right Formula
Auto-positioning features and new flat panel detector technology add up to
high-speed, quality image production for Long Island imaging center operation.
05 UCLA Orthopedic Clinic: Improving Turnaround
Speed, a handy orthopedic package, and the ability to interface with
the hospital PACS made ddR the right choice for this orthopedic clinic.
06 Touro Infirmary: Digital Acquisition and Robotics Speed Throughput
In the wake of Katrina, DR is helping this New Orleans hospital deal with the
deluge of patients.


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Adopting DR Across Clinical Settings
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Children's National Medical Center
Swiss Paraplegic Center
UCLA Orthopedic Clinic
Touro Infirmary


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